Safe and Fair Play Policy  

We care about providing you the best mobile games experience and providing you comfort and security!  

We consider it a top priority to provide a fair and secure gaming environment. We do not accept 
cheating or violent conduct.  We trust our players, at all times, to behave fairly and according to the 
rules of the game. 

Misconduct with any of the practices listed below or our Terms of Service would result in consequences such as withdrawn in-game currencies, immediate suspension of the game and permanent termination of the user account, including but not limited to. 

Support us in creating a better gaming experience by keeping the following in mind when playing, and maintaining your account and device: 


We’re all here to have fun and enjoy the gaming experience.  That may also involve arguing about losing fights or derbies with friends. That’s all right, but being disrespectful to someone takes the joy out of the game.  

We respectfully recommend that you be mindful of others when engaging in some form of in-game conversation. This also refers to the vocabulary (whether it’s a club, clan, task force or neighborhood) used in the name and definition of the squad.  

Here are a couple of reasons that we found inappropriate: 

  1. Hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language 
  2. Obscene or sexually explicit banter 
  3. Threats or harassment 
  4. Profanity 
  5. Bullying 

Report, right away! If another player is misbehaving or is not being respectful towards you and/or other players, please report that player to the support team. Our qualified team will review your report and take the appropriate measures.  

Consequences: Disruptive behavior can lead to temporary and even permanent closure of the person’s game account. The same will result from making fake claims just to have someone disqualified. 


Software by third parties consists of unapproved programs that control gameplay. Third-party tech seeks to offer unequal incentives while placing the account and privacy at risk by modifying game features.  

Software by a third party includes: 

  1. Hacks, “mods”, or programs that unfairly alter game functionality 
  2. “Bots”, or gameplay automation services or scripts 
  3. Any other programs that aim to modify or provide unearned progress 

Consequences: Using prohibited 3rd party apps and attempting to achieve an unfair benefit will result in a lifetime ban on any violating account (s) 


Cheaper virtual currency, like gems/diamonds/gold could be offered by some websites and people. Don’t be fooled, this is a scam. 

In order to enter your game account, certain providers request private login data (such as your Game ID, Apple ID, Google Play credentials, etc). These vendors can obtain access to your account and also hijack and threaten to sell the account to other players. 

IMPORTANT: You are permanently putting your game and financial/online protection in a high-risk situation if you expose your private information/credentials to 3rd parties. 

Consequences: The purchasing of gems or diamonds from third party sellers can lead to the revocation of the in-app currency and can also be permanently ban your account. 


Selling, buying, sharing or giving other players game accounts is in violation of our Terms of Service and is never supported by Babil Games.  

Sales of accounts include promoting advanced game accounts and enticing players with intriguing and unrealistic promises. 

The risks surrounding this: 

  1. The seller might take your money and never give you an account in return  
  2. You can’t ever be sure that the seller will not use the account 
  3. They can sell the same account to many individuals. 
  4. The account status is unknown; it may already be flagged or reported for permanent prohibition. 
  5. The account will never be secure; Babil Games cannot provide support for hacked or insecure accounts 
  6. If you choose to spend money on the account, it is still in danger of permanent closure 

Help us stop this unacceptable practice by refusing to sell your account, and reporting anyone who does.  

Also, sharing an account between several players to gain a competitive edge over other players, is against our policy.  

ConsequencesWe are unable to guarantee the protection of any account that has been passed from one player to another; we reserve the right to permanently ban any account that has been transferred between players. 


  1. Babil Games Team impersonation 
  2. Phishing other players’ accounts 
  3. Refund abuse 
  4. Knowingly exploiting a bug 
  5. Messing with Matchmaking 
  6. Match fixing 
  7. Encouraging others to break the rules 
  8. Asking for or providing personal contact information 
  9. Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scammin

The rules of our Secure and Fair Play policy (Code of Behavior) apply across all Babil Games mobile games. Claiming not knowing, is not an excuse to protect players from permanent ban as a misconduct. We want everyone to have loads of fun and to enjoy the game!  


Whenever we can, through continuous monitoring and feedback, we strive to discourage hacking and destructive actions in our games. We seek to establish rules that protect and create fair play between teams. To enforce this fair play; we have systems that scan for 3rd party software., we use moderators to monitor players, and our chat filters profanity and has a reporting functionality. If reporting has done you injustice, please contact support and we will review and assess your case.  


Always remember, that The Babil Games team work very hard to ensure your protection and safety. 

**”Legened of Puzzleverse is released in Beta version by Babil Games